Trust and estate litigation represents one of the toughest areas in the legal world for families and their designated fiduciaries—particularly when stress and family drama complicate the financial implications. As our client, you’ll find that Morrill Law Firm has a grasp on the emotional aspects and a talent for maneuvering through the complex legal issues…ultimately leading to the best possible outcomes.



If you’ve come to us to help resolve probate, trust, or estate issues, rest assured that our primary goal is protecting and preserving your family’s assets and legacy. While it’s almost always in everybody’s best interests to solve a problem without resorting to lengthy trials and proceedings, our deep bench of attorneys ensures that we’ll get the job done—in or out of the courtroom.



Morrill Law prides itself on operating a bit differently from most law firms—and that includes our emphasis on getting it right the first time. If there’s a faster or more cost-effective way to resolve a dispute, we’ll find it. We’re a midsize law firm with plenty of talent and experience—but it’s our preparation and personal, strategic approach for each and every case that will give you the edge in your results.